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Roding Lane Free Church
Roding Lane South
Redbridge, Ilford, Essex

A Brief History of Roding Lane Free Church

Mr P.E. Brand of Hutton, a builder described as "the most generous Christian gentleman the Church of Christ in Essex has ever seen", donated a piece of land to Mr & Mrs H. Ernest Borton of Wanstead for a church building. At their own expense Mr & Mrs Borton erected the main church and in 1933 brought together a group of people and Roding Lane Free Church was born. Mr & Mrs Borton led the work for nearly seven years with the invaluable help of the Rev. Howard Kensit


On January 1st 1940 Dr & Mrs Nathaniel Beattie undertook the responsibility for ministerial leadership and for the next 25 years, as Dr. Beattie preached and taught the Bible, the church grew. The war did not leave the premises unscathed, but by 1952 the war damage work and extensive re-building was made possible by the original donor who also gave another plot of land adjoining the church for extension work as well as the neighbouring house.

In January 1966 Rev. Richard Fry was recognised as the honorary pastor. He remained in post until 1974 when he left to become the Home Director of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

In 1979 Geoff Carr was called to Minister and with his wife Isobel has continued to lead the work.

In August 1998 Bill Platt joined us in a full time capacity as a youth worker aided by his wife Jayne. They left us in August 2001 to take up a post in Douglas, Isle of Man.

Throughout the years, there have been many changes in buildings, types of meetings and leaders, but there has been no variation in the faithful ministry firmly based on the Word of God, and the strength of the fellowship has always been sustained through prayer. All who have attended RLFC have been aware of the warmth of family fellowship and the emphasis on introducing the Lord Jesus Christ to both young and old.

Roding ane Free Church

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